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Over the last 10 years, we’ve received many questions ranging from the simple honest ones like “What does Lucha Libre mean?” to real face-palmers like “Why don’t you serve hamburgers?”…yeah.

A friend of mine once said “There are no stupid questions, only stupid drivers.” We at Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop feel it is our responsibility to answer (almost) any questions our guests might have for us. Here, in no particular order, are some of our guests’ Frequently Asked Questions. Enjoy.


Q: “What does Lucha Libre mean?”

A: Lucha Libre is Free-Style Pro Wrestling which originated in Mexico. You could’ve Googled this, but… whatever.


Q: “What is in your Bean and Cheese Burrito?”

A: Refried Beans and Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. We understand that other restaurants might add ingredients like sauce and onions to what they call a “Bean & Cheese Burrito”…but, they’re wrong.


Q: “Do you take reservations?”

A: Yes, but only for our Champions Booth (Mission Hills), Champions Ring (North Park), and Champions Table (Carlsbad). Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Maximum party of 4 at our Champions Booth and Champions Table. Maximum party of 6 at our Champions Ring. Each reservation is for 1.5 hours. Guests receive full table service, your own salsa bar, and (depending on the location) a bell, microphone, or telephone to call on our staff when you want. You can make your reservation by Clicking Here.


Q: “How big are your tacos?”

A: Our tacos are served on 6-inch corn tortillas. Most people find that two tacos are enough. If you want a third taco, by all means, just come on up to the counter and order another! We won’t judge.


Q: “Can I phone-in my order and still dine-in?”

A: In consideration of guests who wait in line to dine-in, we do not allow dining-in for phone and online orders. It’s only fair, folks.


Q: “Can I save a table while my friend, spouse, partner, significant other, employee, bodyguard, in-law, entourage, gym buddy, relative, coworker, etc. waits in line?

A: Again, In consideration of guests who arrived before you, we do not allow seat-saving. We even have signs posted! Seriously, Imagine you’re waiting for a car to pull out of a parking spot in a busy lot. As soon as the spot opens up, someone else comes running out of nowhere and stands in the spot to hold it for their friends, even though you were there first. Not cool, right? Look, We know waiting in line can be frustrating, but so is having to ask you to get back in line because you ignored our friggin’ sign! However, If you or someone in your party needs special assistance with seating or is unable to wait in line, please ask one of our staff members for assistance.


Q: “Are chips free?”

A: Chips are free with any order, Yes. We don’t know of any restaurant that charges extra for chips & salsa with your food… and frankly, we don’t want to know.


Q: “Which one of your salsas is the hottest?”

A: We have 8 different salsas in our salsa bar. Each of our salsas is created with flavor in mind. We’ve learned from experience that “Heat” is a relative term. Some may have their mouths set on fire by a Bell Pepper. Others may eat Habanero peppers for breakfast. We’re always thinking of new recipes to add to our salsa bar. Perhaps one day we’ll come up with one that’s like a delicious lava. Until then, if none of our salsas sufficiently scorches your tastebuds, feel free to bring your own bottle of hot sauce. We don’t mind.


Q: “What is Jamaica?”

A: Not to be confused with the beautiful island in the Caribbean… Jamaica (pronounced ha-My-ka) is a drink made from brewing Hibiscus flower petals. It is refreshing, sweet, and mildly tart. Some cultures even use it as a natural fabric dye. Keep that in mind when enjoying this tasty beverage while wearing white clothes. You’ve been warned.


Q: “Do you cater?”

A: Yes. We offer several catering packages ranging from pick up orders (You pick up your order in-store) to Full Service Catering (We come to you and cater.) Click here for more details.


Q: “How do I go about submitting a complaint?”

A: We strive to provide an excellent experience to each of our guests. However, beneath the mask… were human, just like you. If you happen to be in one of our locations, please politely ask to speak with a Manager. Don’t yell at our staff. Save that for the DMV. Or, you can fill out this form and select “Feedback” under “Inquiring About:”. Or, if you just want to throw a tantrum on your favorite online review website and write an endless diatribe about how your world is shattered because there was no sauce & onions in your Bean & Cheese Burrito, Click Here. In any case, we’ll try to make things right if you just give us a chance.


Q: “I love you! How do I let you know?”

A: We love positive feedback! Leaving online reviews, tagging us on social media, telling your friends & family, screaming “I love Lucha Libre Taco Shop!” from the top of a mountain, or sending us a nice email are all great ways to let us know you enjoyed your experience with us. Or, just keep coming back! We’ll get the hint.


Well, there you have it. This is by no means a complete list of the many questions we get asked countless times per day. As time goes on, more questions will arise, and we’ll probably add them to this list. In the mean time, if there’s any questions you have for us that weren’t listed here please let us know in the comment section below. Ok, now come get a burrito or something.

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